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WDF Productions Case Study: Francis Boulle Video Campaign

WDF Productions was commissioned by Quercus Publishing to develop a campaign for the release of Francis Boulle's - 'Boulles Jewels'.

The aim was to develop a series of videos for different platforms for the upcoming book release in a cost effective way.

To keep costs down, the team shot this over one day. The production team then edited and created different versions for different platforms such as web and 4oD.

The outcome was a series of 16 films each with a different concept to be used for web promotion and tv. Check out the official Francis Boullle Youtube page:
he’s had over 82,000 views in total for 10 of these videos in the last six months.

This culminated in a more formal advertisement for the book (shot on a separate day) that was shown on 4oD.

Viewed some of the clips here:

Could you be doing the same for your video campaigns? If yes, drop us an email at we'd love to hear from you.

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