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How to use video in for your business

It has never been more important for companies to connect with existing customers and attract new ones. An increasingly popular marketing tool is video. It’s a way for customers to meet the personalities behind the business and it’s a fantastic way to demonstrate
what makes your organisation stand out from the crowd.

With the use of online video set to quadruple by 2012, video promotion is not something that should be ignored.
WDF Production’s clients such as Knowledge East Enterprise Network (KEEN) and East London Business Place (ELBP) have embraced video for raising either finance or membership numbers. Both of these companies develop and support new and existing businesses and they are reliant on either government grants, educational sponsorship and/or private finance. Video was seen as an effective tool to help promote the benefits of their service.  

“…The end product was even better than we had hoped for. "
Matthew Connelly, KEEN
Dutch IT consultancy firm Gendo NL used video to deliver a lecture on the impact technology has on finance and wealth for one of their banking clients and to promote their expertise. They used the same video on the internet, through social media and related IT and Finance industry websites.  This allowed them to not only deliver a powerful argument, but to promote their knowledge in this area and become seen by potential clients as the experts to turn to for their technology solutions.

“… a very satisfied client and hope to do these kind of projects more often together.”
Arjen Kamphus, Gendo
Working out how best to use video to promote your business or message can be daunting. This is where a video production company should step in and help devise the most effective solution to ensure your call to action come accross. It’s this skill that separates the amateurs from the professionals and this is what determines if the use of video is money well spent.

We hope that find the resources on this page useful.

Do give us a call to discuss how we can help sell your products or services, and effectively communicate your message to your target audience.


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